Moto Hope SACCO WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) loans: WATER FILTER LOANS 2020.

Nazava water filters are now available in all our branch offices in Molo, Kitale and Nairobi with deliveries countrywide. We endeavor  to continue impacting our members’ lives with this product that will ensure better health and economic outcomes for them.

Most members depend on rivers, streams and wells for their source of water; sources that are highly infested with bacteria among other health hazards.The most commonly used water purifying method among this population is boiling which time and again proves to be expensive and a health risk due to the excessive carbon emission from the wood and charcoal fuel used. In addition, even after boiling the water, most do not have safe storage containers making it hard to preserve the water in its pure form.

The filter removes 99.9% of bacteria from the water (tested by World Health Organization) hence its users are assured of good health. Secondly, Nazava water purifiers store 16 liters of safe drinking water which will solve the safe water storage problem for them. We are empowering women who are the custodians of their family’s health with the convenience of having a free-flow of safe drinking water in their houses while allowing them to save time and money for water treatment while reducing CO2 emission.

For just $53 households can purify 7000 liters; which makes the costs per liter 8 times cheaper than buying bottled water or 3 times cheaper than boiling water enabling households to save over $100 yearly. All customers need to do is raise an initial deposit of $15 to access the Moto Hope SACCO WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) water filter loan. They’ll then start using their water filters as they pay in installments spread over a period of six months and an interest of only 1% per month.

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