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Normal Deposit Accounts

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  • Each membership category saves the minimum monthly savings.
  • Savings may be used as collateral when borrowing from the Sacco.
  • Savings are refundable when a member withdraws from the Sacco, if
    • Member has no outstanding loan from the Sacco
    • Member is not a guarantor of any outstanding loan(s) in the Sacco.
  • Upon membership withdrawal, total savings plus interest/dividends accrued are refundable within 60 days upon receipt of a written notification from the member by the society.


  • ID card/passport
  • 1 passport photo
  • 1,000/= for membership


  • Savings may be used as collateral against borrowings.
  • A proportion of deposits may be used to guarantee another member’s loan.
  • Loan is 3 times member savings
  • Savings will earn interest/dividends at the end of every financial year at a rate that shall be pre-determined by the board
  • Deposits may be transferred from one account/function to another e.g. insurance, pension, holiday package; investment plan etc. as long as the transaction does not contravene the society’s savings policy.

Pre-requisite Loan Qualification

  • Persons aged 18-65 years
  • Individual is of sound mind
  • Possess no criminal record and/or poor credit rating
  • Express genuine financial need
  • Express strong stand to use loan for the purpose applied for
  • Full compliance with our loan application process and minimum operating standards
  • Possess a strong attitude to repay the loan promptly