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6 ways to raise your net worth.

Mastering personal finance is key to increasing your net worth. There are those who are born with silver spoons in their mouths, and there are those who work hard to purchase those silver spoons. But no matter where you start, the bottom line is the same: it takes work to maintain your wealth and grow […]

7 things to stop wasting money on.

Financial stability is one of those things none of us would turn down. Sadly, however, many of us go through life struggling financially, even with a steady source of income. This tends to indicate we’re spending more than we earn, throwing us into a financial cycle that doesn’t lead to freedom. Financial advisors, however, will […]

The money you need to start 18 most profitable small businesses in Kenya (2020).

Most profitable small businesses in Kenya: Intending to start a business venture soon? Here’s a breakdown of the amount of capital you’ll need to start each of the following businesses in different counties in Kenya: 1. Gym and Fitness Center Total cost depends on the location and type of machines bought. It is ideal to […]

Women dominate saccos, parents enroll children.

Summary The membership of the Saccos stood at 4.9 million members including members of chamas last year. The Sacco subsector Demographic Study Report 2019 found that within the 36- to 50-year cohort, the female gender represents 31.45 percent (514,679) of total sacco membership compared to males at 28.74 percent (833,421). Sasra’s report also demystified the […]

10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money.

Saving money isn’t that hard. What’s hard is keeping money saved. It’s too easy to cut expenses in one area only to spend more somewhere else. Sticking cash into savings won’t help if it comes right back out again. What you need are some ways to trick yourself into saving money that actually last. Such […]

7 terrible mistakes when borrowing a business loan.

Business loans are good. They can fuel your business in terms of operations and capital budgeting. But you have to prepare yourself and your company to get the money and make sure the business loan is right for you. Joanne MacKean, a Senior Account Manager at BDC in Winnipeg has loaned money to hundreds of […]

Want to create wealth? Stop overspending and start saving.

Financial experts say saving is the beginning of the road to creation of wealth. They add that a country of robust savers has high chances of significantly reducing poverty and building a firm foundation for economic take-off. The question then is; how is Kenya doing in as far as saving is concerned? The answer is […]

Easy ways to save money daily.

A wise man once said that when money realises that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands. Are there ways that you could make yours stay longer? 1. Use the 50/20/30 rule: 50 per cent of net income goes to living expenses, 20 per cent goes to savings […]

Mastering the 50/20/30 principle of budgeting.

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went,” Dave Ramsey. Putting together an effective budget is about knowing the full extent of your monthly expenses including your outstanding debt as well as how much you’re contributing towards savings and investments. You will need to gather together the following […]